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Verizon Apple Iphone 4S 16GB – Black


Enjoy communicating with this factory-unlocked Apple iPhone 4s, which features a black case and 16 GB of memory, as well as the Apple A5 dual-core processor, which gives you fast speed for whatever task you must complete. You have access to Siri, a voice-activated assistant that can help you perform basic tasks such as scanning the Internet for the answer to a question or to check the weather. The phone has a durable, lightweight design, making it easy to use for work or pleasure. Thanks to Apple’s marketplace, you have access to thousands of apps to customize your device’s functions. This phone is Wi-Fi ready and comes with a built-in web browser, allowing you to easily search your favorite websites.The 16 GB iPhone camera has an 8 MP camera that features a custom lens with five precision elements, a large f/2/4 aperture, and an innovative hybrid infrared filter. It has an improved backside illumination sensor, exceptional auto white balance, advanced color accuracy, reduced motion blur, and face detection. Another moment-capturing feature is its advanced video recording ability. This smartphone records in 1080p HD video with a stabilization feature that steadies any shaky-handed recording. This HD recording element has high-end optics with a lighting sensor and vivid color display. The Dual-Core A5 chip delivers two times the power and up to seven times faster graphics than its predecessor. This additional power allows for faster app launching, gaming, browsing the web, and any other action on your iPhone. Combining this with its operating system, the iPhone 4s is faster and easier to use than previous versions of this smartphone. Because of its power efficiency, the battery life on the Apple iPhone 4s is extended.Siri, your Apple iPhone’s intelligent assistant, is a fun and helpful feature included with your phone. Simply speak a command or question, and Siri will respond with an answer. Siri can make calls, send messages, set reminders, schedule meetings, and much more. The iPhone 4s cell phone was the first model from Apple to offer over 200 new features to the lineup. iCloud is one of the technologies that comes standard with this model. iCloud allows you to store your photos, music, documents, and much more to an offsite server operated by Apple, allowing you to free up space on your smartphone. iCloud also allows you to access all of your documents on any of your Apple devices. Other factory-installed features include FaceTime, the iPod music player, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a Retina display screen.These smartphones come GSM factory unlocked, so you can use it with any GSM carrier. To use another service provider, just insert that carrier’s SIM card in the unlocked device. With its 16 GB of internal memory, iOS operating system, dual-core A5 chip and all its other features, these cell phones are designed to help you manage every aspect of your personal and professional life. This black, unlocked 16 GB phone from Apple is an excellent device to keep track of your finances, health, calendar, and much more.

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